Carmen Navarro, FFIS

Dr Carmen Navarro

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Role and contribution

Dr Navarro contributes to workpackages 1.1,1.2 and 2.6 on behalf of the Murcia cohort of EPIC.

Scientific profile

Dr Navarro is Chief of the Department of the Epidemiology (DE) and the co-ordinator of the EPIC project in Murcia. She is associated Professor in the Unit of Preventive Medicine at the University of Murcia. and was awarded "The 1994 Epidemiology Prize" granted by journal Epidemiology. Dr Navarro is an investigator on a community survey on diabetes, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. She also works on a community survey on dementias and mild cognitive impairment. She is a contributor to different sub-groups within EPIC and EPIC-Spain (i.e. The EPIC-Elderly Project; Food patterns- Soy Consumption). She is Principal investigator of the Project on Adherence to Mediterranean diet, modulation by genetic polymorphisms and ischemic heart disease in the Spanish cohort of the EPIC- Subproject EPIC-Murcia. Leader of the Group of Specialists on Epidemiology & Cancer Registration of the EUROCHIP project.