Domenico Palli, FLO

Dr Domenico Palli

Role and contribution

Dr Palli leads the Florence cohort in EPIC and participates in InterAct through the case ascertainment and verification workpackages 1.1 and 1.2. He also participates in the sub-phenotyping exercise (WP1.3), the physical activity workpackage (WP2.6) and in the analysis of data (WP1.7).

Scientific profile

Principal Investigator of EPIC-Florence, the local section of EPIC-ITALY (supported by a long-term grant from AIRC-Milan to D.Palli, 1992-2005). Coordinator of several nutritional epidemiology projects in Tuscany.  Investigator in the Project EPIC-EURGAST funded by the EC (2002-2004; D.Palli coordinated a work-package with two sub-contractors) for the evaluation of dietary, environmental and genetic determinants of gastric cancer risk in the EPIC cohort (with a nested case-control study design). -Principal Investigator of a project funded by Compagnia San Paolo, Turin-Italy (4 years) on "Diet, lifestyle and geno-toxic damage (endogenous DNA adducts from lipid peroxidation)".  Local investigator in the FP6 European project DiOGenes (2005-2009) focused on the dietary and genetic determinants of obesity.  Local investigator in the FP6 European project EuroFir (2005-2009) focused on food tables. Currently, over 170 scientific papers on peer-reviewed journals are listed in PubMed.