Göran Berglund, LUND-B

Professor Göran Berglund

Role and Contribution

Göran Berglund leads the Malmö group in the EPIC study and oversees its contributions in case ascertainment and verification and sample retrieval. Members of his group contribute to the analysis of gene-lifestyle interaction.

Scientific Profile

Göran Berglund is Professor in Internal Medicine at the University of Lund. His research group has been working on risk factors for cardiovascular disease and cancer by use of epidemiological cohorts and biobanks, based on the Malmö Preventive Project, MPP (n= 33,000) and Malmö Diet Cancer, MDC (n= 28,000), including the Cardiovascular branch of MDC (n= 6000). Full dietary recall data are included in the MDC, not MPP. His staff consists of 12 persons (of whom 9 are females, and 4 senior researchers with more than fours years of post-PhD research experience).