InÍs Barroso, SANGER-IB

Dr InÍs Barroso

Role and contribution

Dr Barroso contributes to the selection of genes and SNPs and to the analysis of main genetic effects and gene-lifestyle interaction (WP3.1,3.4)

Scientific profile

InÍs has 13 years experience in studies of human disease. She spent 6 years in the biotechnology sector (at Hexagen, later acquired by Incyte Genomics), performing experiments and directing research programmes in the field of genomics and genetics of complex disease (type 2 diabetes and obesity). At Incyte she was a Director responsible for the type 2 diabetes target validation programme and was the scientific leader of the genetics projects within this programme.† She is currently a Faculty member at The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute where she directs a team focused on understanding the genetic aetiology of type 2 diabetes, obesity and related metabolic traits.† The group is working on the identification of genetic mutations that lead to uncommon extreme forms of disease (extreme insulin resistance, morbid childhood obesity and MODY).† In the past few years most of the approach focused on candidate gene based studies but with the completion of the HapMap project and the availability of adequately sized and carefully phenotyped sample collections these studies now encompass genome-wide association studies of obesity and type 2 diabetes.