Joachim Spranger, DIFE

Dr Joachim Spranger


Role and contribution

Dr Spranger leads workpackage (WP2.5) on discovery approaches to the study of biomarkers in pathways that might mediate the interaction between lifestyle factors and genetic variation.

Scientific profile

Dr Spranger has employed techniques ranging from basic science over intervention trials to epidemiological studies within the EPIC-Potsdam cohort to investigate the causation of diabetes and its complications. The epidemiological studies are performed in collaboration with Heiner Boeing, the coordinator of EPIC-Potsdam.  He has elucidated the role of central effects of adiponectin in a very recent animal and cell culture experimental study. Intervention trials have been performed investigating the effects of specific nutrients on glucose metabolism. In a more general approach the effects of life-style induced weight reduction on metabolism have been analysed. Using epidemiological approaches, Dr Spranger has addressed the pathogenic role and predictive value of adipocytokines in prospective studies.  He has recently established together with two partners the measurement of metabolomics in human plasma. The analysis of a potential association of the metabolome with specific phenotypes in cross-sectional cohorts and the investigation of metabolome changes in specific intervention trials is ongoing.