Kim Overvad, AAS

Professor Kim Overvad  


Role and Contribution

As the second Danish PI on EPIC, Dr Overvad contributes to InterAct in WP1.1 and 1.2 through organization of the Danish case ascertainment and verification. He also contributes to the analysis of data in WP1.6, particularly the dietary and physical activity data from Research Line 2.

Scientific Profile

Kim Overvad is a medical doctor with extensive training in epidemiology. Most research has been focused on diet, lifestyle, genetic susceptibility and development of chronic diseases. Kim Overvad is principal investigator for the study Diet, Cancer and Health which is an associated member of the EPIC Consortium and he is a member of the EPIC Steering Committee. He has taken part in the study design, in recruiting participants from 1993 through 1997, in the follow-up of the study cohort and in the use of the cohort for scientific studies based on both national data and on the overall EPIC Cohort.