Leif Groop, LUND-G

Professor Leif Groop

Role and contribution

Professor Groop contribute to the selection of genes and SNPs and in the analysis of main genetic effects and gene-lifestyle interaction (WP3.1, 3.4)

Scientific Profile

Leif Groop is Professor in Endocrinology at the University of Lund. His research group has focused on dissecting the heterogeneity and genetic complexity of type 2 diabetes by combining a wide array of molecular biology tools with extensive metabolic studies for phenotyping purposes. LADA was first described by this research group. In 1990 the Botnia study was initiated. It is the largest family study of type 2 diabetes in the world containing more than 9000 well characterized individuals from over 1400 families with type 2 diabetes. Of particular interest is a subgroup of 2500 individuals who have been followed for 7 years with repeated oral glucose tolerance tests. The research group has participated in the description of several genetic variants increasing susceptibility to type 2 diabetes (glycogen synthase, b3-adrenergic receptor, PPARg,calpain 10, genes for oxidative phosphorylation etc.