Nick Wareham, MRC

Professor Nick Wareham

Role and contribution

Prof Wareham co-ordinates the InterAct project and leads Research Line 1 in his capacity as lead for EPIC-Diabetes and a principal investigator on the participating Norfolk-EPIC cohort.

Scientific Profile

Nick Wareham is Director of the MRC Epidemiology Unit based within the University of Cambridge. His Unit undertakes research into the aetiological determinants of diabetes, obesity and related metabolic disorders and the translation of that epidemiological understanding into preventive action. He is a principal investigator on the EPIC-Norfolk study on which he collaborates with Professors Kay-Tee Khaw and Sheila Bingham. Together with Steve O'Rahilly (University of Cambridge) and InÍs Barroso (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute) he is undertaking a programme of research into the genetic basis of obesity and type 2 diabetes (the Genetics of Energy Metabolism (GEM) consortium. His work on gene-environment interaction is based on quantitative trait studies and large scale population-based cohort studies. A key element of this work is the accurate measurement of lifestyle exposures. The nutritional epidemiology aspects of the Units work are undertaken in collaboration with colleagues in the MRC Dunn Unit (Bingham). The Unit has a specific programme on physical activity epidemiology (lead Ulf Ekelund) which aims to improve objective and questionnaire-based assessment of physical activity. The Unit has developed methods for measuring energy expenditure in free-living individuals in population-based studies using combined heart rate and movement sensing.†Prof Wareham is co-lead of the MRC ProActive Trial, an RCT of a theoretical approach to increasing physical activity in sedentary individuals with a family history of diabetes.† He is also a lead for the ADDITION study, a trial of intensive cardiovascular risk reduction in people with screen detected diabetes. He is the author of 182 peer-reviewed publications and 9 books or books chapters.††Prof Wareham is a member of the MRC Physiological Systems and Clinical Sciences Board and the MRC Public Health Research Oversight Group.