Nita Forouhi, MRC


Dr Nita Forouhi

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Role and contribution

Dr Nita Forouhi is the lead of the MRC Epidemiology Unit's area of work on nutritional epidemiology. She is a member of research line 2 (RL2) of the InterAct project and is specifically working on the rationale and selection strategy for the measurement of nutritional biomarkers (work package 2.3). Dr Forouhi has been responsible for case ascertainment and verification of clinically incident cases of diabetes in the EPIC Norfolk cohort. She actively contributes as a member of the InterAct co-ordinating centre.

Scientific Profile

Dr Forouhi is an MRC Clinical Investigator Scientist and Honorary Consultant Public Health Physician in Cambridge, U.K. She qualified in Medicine from the University of Newcastle, U.K., and trained in postgraduate clinical medicine in Newcastle and Edinburgh. She was a Wellcome training fellow in clinical epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where she completed a Masters in Epidemiology and a PhD in Clinical Epidemiology. Dr Forouhi specialised in Public Health Medicine in London and Cambridge. Her main research interests are in the aetiology of diabetes and obesity, with a particular focus on the contribution of diet and nutrition to the risk of chronic disease, and in understanding between-population differences. Dr Forouhi has worked on several large cohorts including the EPIC-Norfolk study, the Fenland Study, the DiOGenes Study, the Ely Study and the Southall and Brent studies among others.