Oluf Pedersen, STENO

Professor Oluf Pedersen 


Role and contribution

Professor Oluf Pedersen contributes to the identification and selection of genes and polymorphisms for analysis. Furthermore, the effect of selected variants will be assessed by examining differential response to behaviour change in the Inter99 lifestyle intervention trial.

Scientific profile

The group at Steno Diabetes Center, Denmark, is headed by Oluf Pedersen. Since its start in 1989 the mission of the research group has been to contribute to the discovery and characterization of the genetic variability behind monogenic and polygenic forms of type 2 diabetes and their intermediary phenotypes (primarily obesity, insulin resistance and insulin deficiency). The research strategy has been focused on an extensive phenotype characterization of cohorts of healthy control subjects, subjects with juvenile-onset obesity and type 2 diabetic families. More than 20,000 patients and/or healthy volunteers are at present enrolled in our ongoing studies. The candidate gene approach and large-scale genetic epidemiology studies have been applied to dissect the genetics behind type 2 diabetes and its intermediary phenotypes, and extensive studies of genetic and environmental risk factors for the development of components of the metabolic syndrome have been initiated. Also, the group has performed a random genome search in type 2 diabetic families with focus on both affection status and intermediary phenotypes in nondiabetic offspring. The group has published more than 300 peer-reviewed papers. Since 1989, 10 medical doctors have obtained the doctor of medical science degree, 14 postgraduate students have achieved the Ph.D. degree and 32 graduate students have had their master theses in the group. At the present 8 postgraduate students and 5 graduate students are training in the laboratory.

Oluf Pedersen has been member and/or chairman of many advisory and research review committees including chairman of the Nutrition Board, Danish Diabetes Association, member of the board of the Danish Endocrine Society, member of the board of the Danish Obesity Research Society, member of the board of the Danish Council of Nutrition, president for the Danish Diabetes Association (a 6 year's period).