Panos Deloukas, SANGER-PDL

Dr Panos Deloukas

Role and contribution

Dr Deloukas assists in SNP selection in WP3.1 and interact with WP3.2 to ensure DNA samples meet the required spec for genotyping and coordinate import of samples. Dr Deloukas is responsible for genotyping and initial QC of genotypic data in WP3.3.

Scientific Profile

PD is Senior Investigator in the Division of Medical Genetics, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (WTSI). He has been actively involved in the sequencing of the human genome co-ordinating the chromosome 10 and 20 projects and has expertise in the characterisation of the genomic landscape and the units of genetic information embedded in the sequence. PD runs the WTSI's high-throughput genotyping Facility and has been responsible for constructing haplotype maps for 24% of the human genome as part of the HapMap project. He has expertise in the implementation of association studies and is the WTSI PI in the Wellcome Trust Case-Control Consortium which is investigating eight common diseases including Type 2 diabetes with 675,000 SNPs.