Simon Griffin, MRC

Dr Simon Griffinmrc_simon_griffin.jpg

Role and contribution


Dr Griffin leads workpackage 4.3 of this project. He supervises the systematic review of the effects of the provision of information about genetic and lifestyle risk factors for T2DM on emotion, cognition and health behaviours. He also leads the scientific investigation into individual-level implications of information about gene-environment interaction on diabetes risk and facilitates the communication with broader policy makers to consider the wider societal issues of this information as they relate to preventive intervention.

Scientific Profile

Dr Griffin is programme leader in the MRC Epidemiology Unit. His programme of research is concerned with translating the findings from epidemiological studies into prevention action. This consists of randomised controlled trials of interventions to reduce the risk of developing diabetes, of screening to detect diabetes earlier, of approaches to intensive pharmacological and behavioural treatment of people with screen-detected diabetes, and of interventions to promote medication adherence including the MRC ProActive Trial, an RCT of a theoretical approach to increasing physical activity in sedentary individuals with a family history of diabetes.  He is also lead for the ADDITION study, a trial of intensive cardiovascular risk reduction in people with screen-detected diabetes and ADDITION-Plus, a trial of a theory-based approach to behaviour change among people with recently diagnosed diabetes. He is a clinical academic general practitioner working in a research council funded unit with an honorary appointment in the University of Cambridge department of public health and primary care. Through these collaborations he is closely linked in with groups focusing on behaviour change.