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Research line 3

RL3 Analysis of genetic factors in observational studies of diabetes incidence



The overall goal of this Research Line was to study the association of genetic variation with incident diabetes in the nested case-cohort study and to contribute to the analysis of main genetic effects and gene-lifestyle interaction.


  • To identify biologically plausible genes that may interact with lifestyle behaviours on the incidence of diabetes and to identify lists of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the selected genes.
  • To identify an efficient and economic organisation to undertake the DNA extraction for the nested case-cohort study to pre-set quality criteria.

  • To oversee the processes of DNA extraction, quantification and arraying and to ensure quality control.
  • To undertake the genotyping of the single nucleotide polymorphisms and to deliver complete and accurate data to the central datahub.
  • To prepare an analytical strategy for the analysis of the main genetic associations of the genes and SNPs in collaboration with the main analytical centre.