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During the last four years a wide range of dissemination activities have been carried by InterAct partners across the different countries. These have included targeted activities for specialist audiences, such as researchers, clinicians and media, as well as for the general public.


  • In 2007 press release was sent to national media in the UK. The coordinator, Nick Wareham, gave an interview on the radio (BBC Cambridgeshire) about the InterAct project and diabetes as a public health problem in general.
  • Project leaflets and posters have been printed and copies distributed to every partner.

pdf leaflet_sept07

pdf poster_sept07


  • Eagles Report (European Action on European Life Sciences) focuses on Diabetes research for developing countries and in the report for March 2008 there was a feature on the InterAct project focusing on the work being completed in India.
  • General overview of Interact Project published in “International Innovations” magazine. This publication covers various emerging specialist areas, including healthcare research and will be distributed to over 30,000 stakeholders, policy makers and small to medium sized enterprises across Europe, including government, policy, academic, research and other stakeholder communities.

pdf wareham_interact_internationalinovations_dec 2011





  • The Epidemiology Unit had stand at the Addenbrooke's Hospital, in Cambridge, highlighting the different research projects that they are working on including InterAct.
  • University of Lund organised a volunteer feedback meeting in November 2008 for around 300 volunteers who participated in the EPIC / InterAct study where they learnt about early results from the research.
  • University of Umea organised a participant feedback meeting in December 2008, where researchers presented results to participants, their friends and their families, as well as answering questions on how lifestyle behaviours influence health and thanking the participants for engaging in the study. 
  • The MRC Epidemiology Unit held a stand for World Diabetes Day at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, on 14th November 2009 which included a poster exhibition on the InterAct project.
  • The MRC Epidemiology Unit gave a presentation on the 26th January 2010 about diabetes research and the InterAct project to a group of visiting German journalists from the German association of science journalists (http://www.wpk.org).
  • IRAC participated in a workshop on "Approaching to dealing with measurement error in EPIC" on the 6th of May 2010 in Cambridge.
  • UMU held a presentation for the regional Swedish Diabetes Association about the InterAct Project in May 2011.