The InterAct Study


  • Identifies genes and lifestyle factors that interact in their influence on the risk of diabetes.
  • Brings together existing trials to investigate whether the success of lifestyle interventions on diabetes risk may differ according to an individual's genetic makeup.
  • Explores how the discovery of gene-lifestyle interactions may be used to develop strategies to prevent diabetes.
  • Investigates the implications of any new information for people at risk of developing diabetes, patients and public health organisations.

The InterAct consortium has set up a very large case-cohort study of diabetes incidence nested within the existing large multi-centre cohort 'EPIC'.

EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer & Nutrition) includes 350,000 participants from 10 European countries.  EPIC was designed to investigate the relationships between diet, nutritional status, lifestyle and environmental factors and the incidence of cancer and other chronic diseases.